McPherson Scottish Festival

Ah, Scotland. A land of Outlander, Sam Heughan, and oh, wait, I'm in Kansas.

No matter! We have our very own Scottish Festival in good ole McPherson. In fact, it's a pretty big deal around here, drawing in Scottish dancers, rugby teams, and many more from around the country.

Every year, a contest is held to determine that year's logo for the theme. It goes on tee shirts, flyers, you name it. Well, me being, well, ME, I automatically entered. At first, I had an elaborate idea involving some long-haired Scot looking out over a cliff, hair blowing in the wind while the words flowed around him. Suffice it to say, I ditched that real quick. I always have to remind myself: LESS IS MORE!

So, I focused on smaller details with more impact like the Highlanders within the lettering. And, I won! While I wasn't impressed with the quality of the shirts after they were screen printed (that's a whole other story!), it was pretty cool to see everyone wearing my design!

Until next time!

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