Sunflower State Tours

Friends of mine are taking a chance and starting their own touring company, Sunflower State Tours. Although, this doesn't come as a complete surprise. Their social media pages are routinely filled with trips around Kansas and their vast knowledge of little known places. As soon as I saw their official company name, I knew I had to create an awesome logo for them!

I worked on a couple of ideas for a few weeks before I finally had a break through. Once I had an idea I liked I went with it and finished everything within a few days. Of course, now came the difficult part: showing my design to the new business owners and friends.

I'm not sure why it can be so hard to reveal such a simple thing; I suppose the fear of rejection plays a part! ;) However, everything worked out, and before I knew it, the logo was up on their website and Sunflower State Tours Facebook page. They LOVED it which made me happy because as corny as it sounds, that's what I love most about creating things-- helping people out and giving them something that makes them happy.

Until next time!

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