Future Goals: Design

Welcome to the first Future Goals post! In keeping with one of harperanne's core values, in this series I want to be open and honest about what I dream of harperanne becoming. I have a list of future steps, but let's start with the first shall we?

Design. The cornerstone of harperanne; everything stems from this one concept. Technically speaking, this encompasses all of the custom designs I provide. This includes creating invitations and flyers to social media posts and logos. No matter the subject, every design will represent the clean and classy quality that I want to be synonymous with harperanne.

I want to help people put their best foot forward with professional designs they can be proud to show the world and benefit their lives. And, I will do my best to accomplish that for every one of my clients. I know that seems like a tall order for such a small word: design. But I truly believe in the power of great design whether it's bringing people together or evoking a feeling of joy. Blame it on the hopeless dreamer in me!

Thanks for joining me on this journey!


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