Creativity and Me: Part One

I used to come up with one to two creative ideas a week. Doesn't sound like much, right? To be fair, it doesn’t count the numerous random ideas I had swirling in my head that never made it to reality. But compared to today where I haven’t created anything new in a long time? One to two new ideas a week is a massive accomplishment.

You see, in college, I got to create a new campus billboard and calendar flyers each week. Yep, I said billboard and flyers-- I’ll let you be the judge on whether that means I’m super old or my school was just outdated. Anyway, I was always in a creative brainstorm. Ideas popped up left and right while I tried to sort through them. It was awesome! And, I miss that time of freedom and opportunity to explore my creativity. These days I can’t seem to get into the right space to create. My head is caught up in what’s happening now: work, social commitments, errands, or what I should be doing at this stage of my life. And as much as I tell myself to take the time I do have and use it wisely, creatively, I end up too tired or overwhelmed to do anything. Exhaustion and too many options are my enemy. Fear creeps in, but for the most part, those first two keep me so occupied I rarely get to the point where fear has a chance to stop me.

Too many options doesn’t seem like a real problem. Yet, do you ever have so many ideas that you have none? Like wisps of thoughts surround you, but when you reach out to try to use one, you can’t quite get a handle on it enough to actually make it into something. So, you’re left with nothing. Maybe that means I don’t really have any ideas at all, instead of what I think my problem is of having too many. I’m trying to be better about writing those wisps down. To at least have them down physically to try to train my brain to think more creatively again. I think I heard someone say creativity is like a muscle, and you have to keep working for it to grow. If that’s the case, it’s no wonder mine’s a withered vine.

And speaking of vines, have you ever wondered about God’s creativity? Beyond being the Creator of the universe, of you and me. Have you thought about accessing God’s gift of creativity? As Christians, we talk a lot about spiritual gifts. We have the big ones like wisdom, faith, or prophecy and smaller more understandable ones like administration or serving. But God isn’t limited to giving us these nineteen gifts. And, we shouldn’t feel like these are our only options. I believe creativity is a great gift, and I believe God’s given it to me. But my question is how will He work it for His good? How should I use it? How do I access His talent and ideas again? I let myself get bogged down by indecision.

I’m trying to be better, though. Like I’ve mentioned, I’ve got a journal I keep with me most of the time, and I write down thoughts as I have them. Pages filled with random ideas and what ifs. I’ve yet to try to make sense of them, but I suppose that’s not the point. The point is to take a small step forward, to get my creativity flowing again. Even as I’m writing this, I’ve been distracted multiple times. I just got back from my fifth look at Facebook. Distraction, exhaustion, options-- productivity killers. So, how do we even attempt to get past these?


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